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Although a kitchen or bathroom remodel may seem like the go-to home upgrade for most people, landscape lighting installation actually tops the list of homeowners’ most-wanted upgrades this year.

Recent demand for landscape lighting has also only continued to rise in recent months – alongside climbing temperatures – as homeowners opt to maximize their time outdoors. And while exterior lighting’s popularity spikes in the summer, its benefits last year-round. The high-return investment instantly boosts your home’s character and curb appeal, while also serving as a cost-effective and hassle-free update that will last for years.

Landscape lighting’s aesthetic benefits are apparent, but unrivaled lighting design also brings countless lesser-known stylistic and functional advantages to homeowners. Here are five facts about landscape lighting that will impress your friends – and convince them to emulate your home’s enviable outdoor ambiance:

1. It upgrades your home's resale value

2. It can help you sell your home faster

3. It boosts your home's safety and safety

4. It’s safe for your yard, wallet and environment

5. The design potential and and possibilities are endless.

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